About Smart Ass Nerds

Smart Ass Nerds is a one stop shop for all your organizational technology needs. Unlike most business technology providers (also known as MSP’s), we believe in customized solutions for each customer. We do not bundle a bunch of junk and then charge an exuberant amount for a bunch of stuff that is not needed. At Smart Ass Nerds, we will only offer and support the solutions that an organization needs to operate and succeed. At the same time, we repeatedly tell customers NO to bad ideas and we will not do business with customers who will not follow their industry’s compliance requirements. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing every time and not focusing on short-term sales goals or building a business based on how someone else tells us to.

Smart Ass Nerds was form in 2019 and does business in most of the United States. We have a large base of customers in the Midwest states. In addition to the Midwest, we have customers in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and many other states. We serve organizations from 1 employee to 1,000’s of employees. We service organizations with one location to hundreds of locations.