Why not call ourselves Smart Ass Nerds if we’re truly a Smart Ass Nerd? When it comes to todays cyber threats and high costs of down times, why would you not want a Smart Ass Nerd to help keep your business up and running. With decades of systems, networking, and cyber security experience we can help organizations of all sizes. Unlike many of our competitors who can only support your systems with third party software, we can support your business with and without third party tools. We know how to program networks and servers from the GUI to the CLI; heck we can even code them too. It also helps that many of our staff members have certifications and advanced degrees. 

Smart Ass Offers the following solutions and more:

  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Business Contingency
  • Networking infrastructure
  • Cisco Solutions
  • Microsoft solutions
  • Business Phone and Data Systems
  • Access Control
  • Camera Systems